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Inner Rage Records | Your review of Dein Schatten

Dein Schatten ''S/t '' (cd)

Dein Schatten (''Your Shadow'' in English) is the solo project of Dieter Bornschlegel, here going by the name BornZero. He is a veteran on the German rock scene and has participated on numerous album releases since the early 70s. I do not remember how I first got in touch with him and I had no idea what to expect from the music when I sat down to listen to it for the first time. I did not expect metal though and so far I was not wrong. ''Das Ewige Eis'' is an album which lasts for over an hour, meaning that there should be a lot of different material on it. So it is, there are dance friendly techno rhythms and slower dreamy electronic pieces but there is always a dark alternative vibe about it. Dein Schatten produce music which should be candy for DJs of alternative / goth clubs. Most of the lyrics are in German, a language very well suited for this particular kind of music I must say, and it sounds a little like Rammstein meets Simon And Garfunkel meets VNV Nation. It is a high quality release that should appeal to those of you with an open mind towards gothic alternative electronica. A harsher industrial edge would have added to the listening experience for me though.

irond Record/russia
CD Baby/ USA
La chambre Froide Records/ France
Latex Records/ USA

» rate: rate:5/5» reviewed 2004-01-27 by Jogi

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