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Strasbourg hxc scene

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. A Death For Every Sin  ''In a time where hope is lost''
. A Death For Every Sin  ''God s final descent''
. A Perfect Murder  ''War of aggression''
. Burden  ''With every step forward''
. Chokehold  ''Content with dying''
. D.o.a.  ''Triumph of the ignoroids''
. Day Of Mourning  ''Your future s end''
. Day Of Mourning  ''Reborn as the enemy''
. Day Of Mourning  ''S/t''
. Day Of Mourning  ''A move towards ascension''
. Face Down  ''Blinded by delusions''
. Figure Four  ''No weapon formed against us''
. Figure Four  ''S/t''
. Figure Four  ''When it s all said and done''
. Final Word  ''Fools like you''
. Grade  ''Under the radar''
. Grade  ''Triumph and tragedy''
. Ignorance Never Settles  ''S/t''
. In Dying Days  ''After the fire''
. In Dying Days  ''Life as a balancing act''
. Jaymie  ''Between a shadow and i''
. Redcore  ''Amyao''
. Redsky  ''Mpfw''
. Redsky  ''A move towards ascension''
. Strain  ''Here and now''
. Tears From The Sky  ''Demo''
. Thirdfall  ''Pure evil''
. V/a More Romance  ''For the love of music''

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