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Filled With Hate Records



894 7 SECONDS "Take it back, take it on, take it over" (cd)


1. All came undone
2. Meant to be my own
3. This is temporary
4. My band, our crew
5. Sill on it
6. Say my thanks
7. Big fall
8. Stand here and just stare
9. Where is the danger
10. Bug hardcore mystery
11. Panic attack
12. Our core
13. Breaking news
14. One friend too many
15. Your parents hardcore
16. Your frustrations
17. Rules to follow

788 V/A SIDE ONE DUMMY "Atticus dragging the lake" (cd)

"Atticus dragging the lake 3" is the third in a series of low dough compilations brought to you by Side One Dummy records and Atticus Clothing (owned by Blink 182 members Mark Hoppus & Tom Delonge).
Atticus Clothing and Side One Dummy have pulled together a virtual who's who of today's punk, emo and indie rock superstars.


1. Grattitude "this is the part"
2. Blink 182 "not now"
3. Taking Back Sunday "number five with a bullet"
4. Motion City Soundtrack "1000 paper cranes"
5. Mxpx "grey skies turn blue"
6. Lucero "bike riders"
7. Death Cab For Cutie "the new year"
8. Fall Out Boy "grand left autumn / where is your boy (acoustic)
9. The Bled "red wedding"
10. Rise Against "dancing for rain"
11. Piebald "part of your body is made out of rock"
12. Lydia "smile, you ve won
13. Alexisonfire "no transitory"
14. Funeral For A Friend "she drove me to daytime television
15. The Sounds "living in america (andy wallace mix)
16. VCR "bratcore"
17. The Kinison "you ll never guess who died"
18. Saosin "bury your dead"
19. Name Taken "cover up"
20. Street Dogs "in defense of dorchester"
21. Recover "cigarette"
22. Murder By Death "until morale improves,the beating will continue"
23. Mae "this time is the last time"
24. Bedouin Soundclash "when the night feels my song"


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