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Dew Scented
''issue vi''
Born From Pain
''in the love...''
When Freedom Dies
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Cast Aside
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856 SWORN VENGEANCE "Abbadon" (cd) pix in the database


1. Merciless
2. Crack the bone
3. Generations
4. Dead man procession
5. Hammer
6. Shades of self
7. Unresolved issues of rage
8. Abbadon
9. Burial ground
10. Loss of life
11. Untitled

839 INSTIGATE "Darkside forces" (7)


1. Darkside forces
2. The book
3. Fighting forpain
4. The first time

827 BACKHAND "Love all" (cd)


1. D.f.f.
2. Predator
3. Light the fuse
4. You re all fags
6. Breadline
7. Wrestlemania
8. Charm city
9. Smear the queer
10. You re not hard
11. Hang em high
12. Ready to fight

826 LAWSTREET 16 "Off the sidewalk" (cd)


1. Still down for action
2. No answer
3. The proof
4. New ground
5. I forgot
6. Rebound !!
7. Arrogant fool
8. In my head
9. Nothing in common
10. Screaming at a wall

743 BRETHREN "To live again" (cd) pix in the database

Awesome brutal Hardcore from Miami,FL.
10 songs of westcoast catchy hardcore. Good lyrics.
Check it out !!!!

676 BURNING SKIES "Premonition of things to come" (mcd) mp3 in da base

Stop,stop,stop !! this band is awesome ! really surprised when i put the disc in my cd player, the sound is good and heavy,vocals and music are awesome ! Burning Skies play a mix hardcore / deathcore in the vein of Stamping Ground/Dissection / Dismember... this demo is really intense, brutal, emotionnal... One of the best metalcore band in UK ! so it s normal that Burning Skies gonna release their next stuff on the big record label : LIFEFORCE RECORDS. Check out the mp3!

491 A DAY REFRAIN "The Fiberglass Sessions" (mcd)


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