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Blood Is The Harvest  (451)
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Dew Scented
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Born From Pain
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When Freedom Dies
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CARTEL Records

529 BLOODSHOT "A pestilence called humainty" (cd)

Hailing from Brussels, Belgium, Bloodshot is set to claim its rightful place at the forefront of the European hardcore-metal genre. Groovy, death/thrash-metal influenced hardcore - going all the way from blastbeat parts to beatdown parts! With this debut album Bloodshot is ready to take on the humanity and unleash the madness.

299 ONE SECOND THOUGHT "Self inflicted" (cd) pix in the database

These New York hardcore heavyweight contenders are here to fuck shit up ! One Second Thought sets hardness to new heights with seven songs of infamous Queens murda style...
Awesome tracks of good quality hardcore - This is the shit you have to get mouflon cause OST is no longer.
For fans of Bulldoze, Neglect.

242 KRUTCH "Our thing-the mafia years" (cd) pix in the database

The mobkings of PA hardcore famiglia return ! Delivering their newest and finest recordings along with re-mastered hard-to-find songs. Produced by HoyalRoc, just get this gem !

147 E TOWN CONCRETE "Fuck the world" (mcd) pix in the database

4 songs which includes 3 unreleased tracks, one of which is off their earlier demo. Hip-hop & hardcore style. Co-operation with Resurrection-A.D Records.

43 BOXCUTTER "Thug rock" (mcd)

Thugrock is here baby! New all-star squad featuring infamous members of Fury of Five, Out To Win and Krutch.
(for the fans of Fury of 5, E-Town, Mobb Deep etc.).
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