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Matt and Grimlock, Bill and PINDROP RECORDS, Thorsten and PATELINE INDUSTRIES as well as Pole*, Lil and HOUSEHOLDNAME RECORDS, Dan at EQUALVISION RECORDS, John and NAWPOST RECORDS as well as Awkward Thought, Jeff and SMORGASBORD RECORDS as well as Up Front, Delphine at VICTORY RECORDS, Alain and RPP, Stefan and MILLIPEDE RECORDS, Zach and Foundation, Ben and Unite, Mike Crucified and VIENNASTYLE RECORDS as well as Only Attitude Counts, Kevin and Unfound, evil Mike and xCoalition Against Shanex, Dom and Day Of Mourning, TORQUE RECORDS, Sonia/Loic and OVERCOME RECORDS, Christophe and STONEHENGE RECORDS, Alberto/Rudy & VACATION HOUSE RECORDS, Walter and MALICIOUSMEN RECORDS as well as Enemy Of The Sun, Anthony and E-Town Concrete, Fred and SNUFF RECORDS, Hans & GOODLIFE RECORDINGS, Nick and Logic, Sandro and Season as well as Soar, Jan ACRID PRODUCTION as well as Koroded, Regis&George and Drowning, Jim and All Out War, Mark and Rain, Aaron&Pascal and Cameran, Luca and Kafka, Jonathan and Neck, Romain&Seb and Doggystyle, Dent, Yvan and Convent, Donny and Show Of Hands, 6 cents, Jay and Tied Down, Dave and Sludge!, Alessandro and Strange Corner, Joe&Freddie and Another Nothing, Break Of Dawn, Joel and One Last Sin, Phil and Alterkation, Bas&Mark(...) and Downshot, Ben&Luke and Day Of Contempt, David and Innate, Laurent and DIVISION RECORDS, Forge, Godsburn, Freak Out Skull, Felix Disrespect, Reid and Horizon, Vicente SOULFORCE RECORDS, Boris and Surface/Copykill, Greg and NEW FOUND HOPE RECORDS, Darius and Special Move, HYDRAHEAD RECORDS, Frank and Dawn Of Anger, Ivan and BACKSIDE RECORDS, Alberto and Onethirtylate, Matt and Subsist, Ryan and BLASPHEMOUR RECORDS, Alan & RESURRECTION A.D RECORDS, Julien and RISE RECORDS, Erik and Lightsome, Kramer and All Is Lost, Laurent&Martin and Ligature, Peter and PRAWDA RECORDS, Craig and SINISTER RECORDS, Ricky and Frontside, Koen and Full Court Press, Vic and DTS RECORDS, Ryan and .Hopesfall., Daniel and Pencilcase/ANTAGONIST RECORDS , Paul and Sideline, RELAPSE RECORDS, Said and NEXT SENTENCE RECORDS, Dan and One 4 One, Ric and xReprisalx, Franck and VOICE OF LIFE RECORDS, Laurens and I SCREAM RECORDS, Mathieu and MAJESTIC RECORDS, Chamka and l' Esprit Du Clan, Markus and Drive To Play Tour Booking, DISTRICT PRODUCTIONS & INNER RAGE RECORDS staff, Twig and Diseptikons, circl'Thomas 100% hxc radio show, Roger & Ruud and Short Fused, Simon and NATURAL HIGH RECORDS as well as Cataract, Kyle and Throwdown, Dimitri and Cry For Change, Devon and HOWLING BULL AMERICA, Cindy and AMALGAME Disques, Jani and CARTEL RECORDS, Vince and Masnada, Eric and Music Cartel, Codeseven, Sascha & ALVERAN RECORDS, Scott and Time Has Come, 8 degrees, John and Narcissus, Cipher, Ben and KID FOR LIFE RECORDS as well as Dusk Within, Cyril and Spack, Mark and Stitch as well as I:AND:I RECORDINGS, Julien & Clément and Awaken, Joshua and Concrete Warfare, Noodle and Contenders For The Crown, Ulli and Fall Of Serenity, Boris and Copykill, Paul and No Grace, Laurent and Wormcast Assoc., Dan and Age Of Ruin, Jay and Path Less Taken, Dyami and Locked In A Vacancy, All Is Suffering, Lariat, Do Or Die, Purgatory, Joe and Stemm, Rob and Apathy, Chris and Loyal 2 None, Chad and After All, Dragan and Motherbirth, Waiting For Better Days & WALKED IN LINE RECORDS, Sleeping At Last, Cirkus, Shortage, Nico Kobayes/ LOKO RECORDS, Mick and MORE ROMANCE RECORDS, Roger and Closer Than Kin, Eric and Indust, James THORNZ RECORDS, Pierre and Rising Sinister, Marc and Defdump, Jim and Lifebleed, Graham and Saidwrong, Mark and Implicate, Nikita at NOVARECORDINGS, Sam and Dropgod, Vincent and Fisrt Blood as well as LA NUIT NOIRE DISTROSHOP, Borys and Unsung, Matt and Shai Hulud, Jason at REVELATION RECORDS, Tom and STICK TO THE CORE RECORDS, Embrace Today, Crawlspace, Jason at FACEDOWN RECORDS & Dodgin'Bullets, Jon and WARFARE RECORDS, Andy & Groundzero, Chad & TAKEHOLD RECORDS, Javier & Brethren, Ian & BLACKFISH RECORDS, It May Be Time, Tijn & Indicate, Patrice & Yohann and Crossbreed, Erwann and Slavery, NOVA RECORDINGS, Bruce & Explicit Silence, Polak 6 DTC / Might Is Right, Brett and After The Fall, Matt and Unsilent Reign, Center Of Zero, Laure and EPITAPH EUROPE RECORDS, Kristian and FULLHOUSE RECORDS, Jason and Decline, Chad and Severcore, Dead For A Minute, Ovum, Richy and No Time To Lose, Tim and DIEHARD MUSIC, Fred and Eyeless, Eric & PURITY RECORDS, Mickael & Field Of Illusion, Bruce & Together We Fall - Next Step Up - BETHANY RECORDS, David & MAD MOB RECORDS, Nick & Outrage NY, Ryan & Sworn Vengeance, Yann & Ovide & XZA CREW, , Rick & Subterfuge, Morgan & Gameness, Chris & Carved In Stone, Nick & Irate, Juice & Clenched Fist, Johannes & KEROSENE RECORDINGS, John & Sever, Roberto & DARKSUN RECORDS, Manhunt, XMickael/MaevaX and Stone Edge, Rob and Born From Pain, Swen and End Of Days, Hentai guyz, Tobie and Foreclosure, Thierry & Hate PM, Tommy & FREESPIRITS RECORDS, Antoine and No Compromise, ADIPOCERE, Jetsex, Pascal & Underground Society, Fat Society guyz, .Zero District, Matt & INDIANOLA RECORDS, Evergreen Terrace, Alex and Vile, Comity, H-Tray, Teresa and SOLIDSTATE RECORDS, Mike and Object Of Aggression, Mike and Full Blown Chaos, Matt and Galahad, Roger & Love Is Red, Julien/Quentin & As We Bleed, Stefan and LIFEFORCE RECORDS, Dave and Final Stand, Ben & Imply In All, Scott and Forever Is Forgotten, Matt & Decimate, A Shroud Cast Over, Roger and Love Is Red, Jens & BENIIHANA RECORDS, Vince & Gameness, Protest guyz, Narziss, Johannes & CIRCULATION RECORDS, Vince and Disturb, Mike and IMPURE MUZIK, Lifetorn guyz, Marieke aka Pitbull, ENRAGE PRODUCTION, MESSIAH RECORDS, TRIBUNAL RECORDS, Jean Jerome and Protest, Lu and Never fear flinch is here, Josh and Choleric, FACTION RECORDS, Purgatory guyz, Alexis and Outface, GUIDELINE RECORDS, SELAH RECORDS, CONTRAST RECORDS, Upperhand, Nostradamus0014, Patrick and BURNING SEASON RECORDS, Liam & Burning Skies, xPhilippex and Last Quiet Time, CRASH DISQUES, EMOLUTION RECORDS, Alexandre & Burning Each Day, ENGINEER RECORDS, Jordan & Down 4 Life, Seb London RUCKTION RECORDS, Arno & General Lee, Soren & As We Fight, Timo aka HB and Field Of Hate, Asko & Bleeding Heart, NORTH POST RECORDS, Deny Life, Phil and Coverhate, Melanie @ CENTURY MEDIA, Richard and Wasted days, xKallex and Security Threat, Matty Bones and Punch Your Face, Josh and Cheech, Claes and Set My Path, Alex and LoveHopeAndFear, Juho and Callisto, Anne Sop & One More Attempt, Andrea & Bloodstain, pierre & Tantrum, Tibbie and X-Possible, Mihai Edrisch, Fist Of Fury, Alex and Kombat Athletics, AM Records, Thierry & Lost In Battle, STEP-OFF Records, LIFE SENTENCE RECORDS, Antoine & Off My Chest, Nicole and DEATHWISH RECORDS, Max & Sabertooth, Dave & Forever Means Goodbye, Boris Deadsoil/Caliban, Tom Backhand, Dom Slumlordz/Wake Up Cold, Jason & Recourse, Derek and Silence After Tragedy, Anthony & xWhere it endsx, Taufek & Strayvoice, Carlos & On Our Own, Ron and Tension*, Quentin and ETERNALIS RECORDS, An and DYSLEXIA RECORDS, Chris & Incarnate, Florian & BASTARDIZED RECORDS, Joe and WARMACHINE RECORDS, Start Of The End, Mika and End Begins, Mike and Hoods, Fabio & Red Blood Hands, 43 Urban, Goran & Mort, Kent & Heaven In Her Arms, All Shall Perish, 43 Urban, Ron & Acedia, Olli Worth The pain, St Hood, PJ Retaliate, Greg & Thy Kingdom Come, Bob/Jerry @ PROSTHETIC records, WORLD OF ILLUSIONS records, Ron & Tension*, Kathy Nuclear Blast, GODS CHILD MUSIC, Ale and DESTINY RECORDINGS, Julien and Bored To Death, Aghus and Hands Upon Salvation, Joel and These Are The Days, Bernd & STREET JUSTICE RECORDS, Heaven In Her Arms, Dom & Pulling Teeth, Swear To God, Jens and TRUE TILL DEAF RECORDS, UP TO ELEVEN records, Dan & Awoken, Chris & Burn My Hands, Ijam and Restraint, Dan & Awoken, CÚdric Spitfight, Fred and Surge Of Fury, Fics and Soldier, Pushed Too Far, Pim and Stab Back, CDC, Cant Stand Losing, Damien and Villanova Junction, Matt and Spit Ya Teeth, Mike and Pound For Pound, Felix and Final Prayer, Ville and Camorra, Seb and Five Seven, MCS, PHC, xBAZOOKAx, xPROVIDENCEx, all listeners worldwide, netsurfers...thanxxx


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