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UPPERCUT | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  UPPERCUT | Netherland
  » Releases :

(Iscream rds)

» Biography

Uppercut started out in 1995 in Zeeland, the Netherlands. At first the band played a slightly heavier style of hardcore, reminiscent of old NY bands. The band released a demo and two full length albums and played lots of shows. After remaining without a label for several years, the band finally gained the attention of I Scream records from
Belgium and were asked to release a number of 5 songs on an ISR released compilation cd. After that, a full length album (A Luta Continua) was released, also on ISR. This record marked a turning point for Uppercut, and tons of shows were played all over Europe.
Soon after, the band decided to part ways with their old drummer and recruited a new one. This line-up change meant a change in musical direction too, and the band quickly started to play along the lines of bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Bold, and newer bands like Kill Your Idols and Carry On. A 7" ep was released on the now defunct New Day
records from Holland.
After a short hiatus, the band recorded a new full length album (Tables Turned) for ISR, and is planning to take the scene by storm once again, now drawing influences from anything like the afore mentioned bands to Bad Brains to Raw Deal, and many more.
In a time where most old school HC bands last only about a few years, Uppercut takes pride in sticking it out and still being around in order to do what they do best: play fast hardcore and have fun doing it.

» Country : Netherland
» Hit profil : 1908

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