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"Pray for death"
(Victory rds)
"Time...the destroyer"
(Victory rds)
"The king is dead"
(Eulogy rds)
"Once again 1996"
(Back Ta Basics rds)
(Knives Out rds)
"New blood"
(Gain Ground rds)

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For over ten years, Sacramento, Californias Hoods have confronted the world with their fiercely independent, uncompromisingly dark worldview, while simultaneously setting a remarkable example of the DIY ethics of hard work, loyalty and perseverance. Pray For Death supplies the goods that Hoods are known for: ferocious vocals, blistering metallic guitar and a rhythm section that functions like a Panzer attack. The release of Pray For Death on June 3rd is guaranteed to make waves in hardcore and metal circles; the brutality and technicality of Hoods make this album a must for any hard music fan.

Mike Hood is well known in punk and hardcore circles for his venue, West Coast Worldwide, which supplies rehearsal space, lodging and a room for live shows for countless local and touring bands every year. With his record label, venue and full time position as leader of Hoods, his ongoing efforts to contribute to the scene in general and the Sacramento scene in particular illustrate the intense motivation and positive values behind his every move. For years, Mike released the first few Hoods records on his own before hooking up with Victory Records for 2001s TimeThe Destroyer. Underground magazines like Heckler, Wonkavision, Dagger and Transcending The Mundane hailed Hoods for their new school breakdowns, revenge-filled, grinding guitars and murderous, roaring vocals.

For their second Victory release, Hoods chose to record the album over a period of time ranging from summer of 2002 through the winter of 2003. We wanted to record at our own pace and really capture the Hoods sound as genuinely as possible, Mike explains, It was a bonus to be able to ask our friends to sing on it! Pray For Death rages against alcoholism, drug addiction, betrayal and corruption; while building a bridge between the doom of metal and the topical ranting of bands like Boy Sets Fire. Mikes guitar swings from Bay Area-inspired thrash riffs to hard Cro-Mags-style lines, combined with thundering drums to create a sound that is as heavy as a ton of bricks. When it came time to design the packaging, Hoods enlisted none other than Sean Taggert, famous artist from the 80s NY hardcore scene (Agnostic Front, Jerky Boys, Sheer Terror).

HOODS have been touring the U.S. since 1995, and Summer 2003 will find them back on the road to support Pray For Death.

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