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DROWNING | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  DROWNING | France
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Starting their furious mix of death metal (for the dark and heavy side) and hardcore (for the energy) since May 96, Drowning spent his first year playing many shows in Paris, Beauvais and mostly Belgium. Their live shows brought their name to many ears and T-shirts (100 done) plus a live demo (450 copies done) were sold to help spreading the name. For their second season they were offered to record a split 7" on BACK TA BASICS , a New York label run by the singer of 25 Ta Life who was impressed by their show. Then Overcome Records asked them to be on a French hardcore CD compilation. Finally the Belgian label Released Power Productions offered them the chance to be on a MCD. Still playing all the time in even more place (Tarbes, Angers, Paris, Rouen), a lot in Belgium and also Holland, they recorded for the 7" and the compilation. It was the transition year, they had to define more precisely their style with the new drummer who brought a more brutal touch to the mix. Then after the departure of their bassist who will work in London and of their singer who's trying to build a label, they asked Ridwan to fill in for them. His experience (Garden of Silence, Weld

» Country : France
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» Hit profil : 5245

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