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Householdname Records | Your review of Crossing Point

Crossing Point ''The path less travelled '' (cd)

This CD is a rerelease of the bands 1999 MCD that was only available in the bands home country of South Africa.
The 6 tracks are classic hardcore and although the CD was recorded on a 4 track you couldn't tell by the quality, new track Disaster Strikes is especially strong and shows the bands progression.
Crossing Point are a cross between Morning Again and Hatebreed.
The CD is released on CDR discs to keep the costs down to a minimum and make it cheaper to release.
Available from One More Reason, 37 Browning Avenue, Hartlepool, TS25 5PW, England. Cost is

» rate: rate:5/5» reviewed 2002-10-01 by Kieron omr

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