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PURITY Records

PURITY Records
PURITY Records
454 V/A PURITY "A new approach" (cd)

This is the first release of Purity records, a young record label from NY. An awesome compilation of various hardcore style of excellent known and less known bands.
This stuff also includes a good video documentary on the state of Northeast Hardcore.
Support Purity records, get this shit !


1. Neck "No Reason Why" Preview
2. Locked in a Vacancy "Bring It"
3. Beyond Reason "The Demands of Commerce"
4. The End "Silhouette"
5. Kid Gorgeous "The Prophet"
6. Unsound "Beautiful Emptiness"
7. Compression "Tyranna"
8. Proof of Purchase "Fallacy"
9. Beyond Reason "Repetition"
10. Neck "Dopestar"
11. Locked in a Vacancy "Moritui"
12. Kid Gorgeous "Untitled"
13. Proof of Purchase "Puppet" Preview
14. Unsound "Is Barren Existance always so Tranquil?
15. Lariat "Consumer"
16. Lariat "Casting the First Stone"
17. The End "Entirety in Infancy"

255 LOCKED IN A VACANCY "" (cd) pix in the database

Extremely Noisy... Extremely Brutal... Extremely Chaotic;
10 Songs that achieve the stunning realization and power of fusing Metal and Hardcore.


1. Beware the Jabberwock, My Son
2. Office Politics
3. Sarcophagus Inscription
4. Control Panel 1
5. I'm the Best at What I Do and What I Do Isn't Very Nice
6. The Fine Art of Self-Segregation
7. Lincoln Zelda
8. Morituri
9. Control Panel 2
10.Shakespearean Tragedy


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