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Inside Conflict  (484)
Dias De Agonia  (378)
I Am Afraid To Depress  (348)
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Dew Scented
''issue vi''
Born From Pain
''in the love...''
When Freedom Dies
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Cast Aside
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Blood 4 Blood
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GMC Records
GMC Records
1427 NINESIN "The death we will face" (cd)

South korea metallic epic hardcore not unlike Heaven Shall Burn.


1 - Beyond the Horizon
2 - Our Time Has Come
3 - Voice of Violence
4 - Born to Die
5 - Deplete Impure Blood (part 1)
6 - Punishment
7 - Pureblood
8 - Reach the Storm
9 - The Martyred
10 - In the Battle
11 - Rising Convict

1408 KNOCKDOWN "Violence for violence" (cd)

South Korea metalcore.
Released in 2007


1. Aesthetics Of Brutal Reality
2. Distress Of Existence
3. Fear
4. With Silence, With Hatred
5. Blues Of Street
6. Continuum
7. Two Sides Of A Coin
8. Nothing, Never, None
9. Evil Tumbleweed
10. Roll
11. Against The Karma
12. Hardboiled Chapter 4
13. Maddog
14. Violence 4 Violence
15. De Profundis

1263 VASSLINE "Permanence" (cd) pix in the database

Korean No.1 hardcore band


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