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Driven By Hate
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Dew Scented
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Born From Pain
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When Freedom Dies
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Cast Aside
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Blood 4 Blood
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ENVY Records
1341 HARDLIFE "Victimas del odio" (cd)

Argentina Hardcore

HARDLIFE! es una banda Hardcore de C

939 HUMAN DEMISE "Whitechapel demise" (cd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

"Unleash hell", that's what i think about to qualify the new material of this dutch band. "Whitechapel demise" is an amazing comeback of hatecore in the european scene. The atmosphere reigning in this cd reflects perfectly the meaning of the cover's artwork. Whitechapel area was one of the poorest place in London where the famous Jack The Ripper killed his victims. Unhealthy climate, feeling of fear, all is retranscribed in their music. The singer's voice is really impressive, his screams coming from the deepest of his entrails, combined with hard hitting drumbeats,fast double bass and some incisive crushing riffs. You guessed, it's a whole, each song has been extensively explored, meticulously written like a planned murder. I can compare them with groups like Kicback and Clevo Ringworm / Integrity but these guys bring their own style and deliver us a fresh new holly terror styled hardcore. Definitely one of my fav dutch band.


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