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SECOND COMBAT | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  SECOND COMBAT | Malaysia
Second Combat
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second combat
"What inspired us"
(United Front rds)
second combat
"One more fight"
(Sober rds)

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» Biography

Second Combat are straightedge youthcrew hardcore bands influence by bands like Youth Of Today,Gorilla Biscuits,Ignite,Warzone,Wide Awake,Minor Threat,New Winds,Ten Yard Fight and many more.Second Combat stands for One More Fight which empowering communities who live in Klang Valley to constantly fight drugs abuse and misued power of the authority.We care about our environment and our daily consumptions,2 of us are vegan and 1 one is vegetarian in the band,We will constantly talks about problems in the world we living,We definitely not a passing phase band,and will continously combat cigarettes,drugs and alcohol industries and animal cruelties.

We sings about domestic problems in our scene and the world we live in like drugs abuse,women batter,child abuse,discrimination,corruptions,bribes,racism,illegal prostitutions,wage slavery,pollutions and gangs activities.We have been involved in a lots of compilation before and have few releases.We had played shows around Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand and has toured indonesia in 2005, Our new EP entitled "What Has Inspired Us?" had just released on 7" vinyl on Commitment Records from The Netherland and CD format on UnitedXFrontRecords

» Country : Malaysia
» Website :
» Hit profil : 6444

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