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KILL FOR PEACE | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Kill For Peace
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» Biography

KILL FOR PEACE was born in september 2k5. It plays intense, real, anti-authority and angry hardcore.
The band is composed by Will with the mic, Beber with guitar, Jerem with drums and Mimil with bass. The band as already with its credits a demo CD "100% DIY" out in 2k7, a split CD with Frozbit "split '07" the same year, a publication on Down for the core #8 on Back ta basic records (Rick ta life) and is preparing a new CD.
K4P divided the stage with bands like TERROR (us), 25 TA LIFE (us), BACKFIRE (nl), CDC (us), WISDOM IN CHAINS (us), TRC (uk), IN BLOOD WE TRUST (d), SETTLE THE SCORE (d), BURNING SKIES (uk), UNRESTRAINED (us), L'ESPRIT DU CLAN (fr), NASTY (d), THE ARRS (fr), BY MY HANDS (uk), BROKEN OATH (uk), SURGE OF FURY (b) and so many more...
The band will always support the alternative culture, the hardcore spirit (respect, motivation, DIY spirit, anti-fashism...) and partys!
Our 4 guys will always continue to move their ass to represent their 59 with pride!

» Country : France
» Hit profil : 881

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