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1395 LANDMINE MARATHON "Rusted eyes awake" (cd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Released in 2008 on Level Plane Records (Amanda Woodward, Hot Cross )
Rusted Eyes Awake possesses all the elements that make Landmine Marathon one of the most powerful up and coming forces in today's world of heavy music: front woman Grace Perry's demonic vocals; anthemic riffage that rekindles the spirit of the classic titans of death metal from Bolt Thrower to Entombed; a seething crust punk approach that has earned the band shows with Tragedy and Despise You; a sun-scorched, bong-ripped vibe that could only originate from the parched wastes of the Arizona desert


1. Bile Towers
2. Certain Death
3. Bled To Oblivion
4. Xenocide
5. Heroin Swine
6. Skin From Skull
7. Red Days
8. Rusted Eyes Awake

1190 LANDMINE MARATHON "Wounded" (cd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Despite a lame and uninspired artwork, the newcomers of Level Plan Records Landmine Marathon sign with Wounded a great release. Their mixture of trash, grind, black, old metalcore with a 90' sound works really well, you can expect the vocals to scream in the highest tunes, guitars to play catchy riffs and drums to be fast and heavy as hell. So this isn't an all-classic-metal album, but a creative one with a well-produced athmosphere, as expected from an awesome label.
by xpierrex


1. Time Movement
2. Introduction
4. White Widows
5. Muscles Crown
6. Thunder Blasted Bodies
7. Dying days
8. Crisscross thoughts
9. 25th hour

1117 SHIKARI "1999-2003" (cd) pix in the database mp3 in da base


1. Post Student Syndrome
2. Copycat
3. Robot Wars
4. ...And Just When I Thought I Had It All Figured Out
5. Written In Some Depressing Mood
6. Encounters
7. You Know So Well
8. Fuel
9. In Existence
10.The Kids Shouldn't Be Playing With Fire
11. Tekila
12. Attitude
13. Dead Men
14. Morning Wood
15. Utopia Dismantled
16. The Last Thing
17. Biela
18. Fall On Proverb (Unbroken)
19. Ons Land


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