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Filled With Hate Records


1412 FLITOX "N 1" (7)

80's Paris punk hardcore with members of DEM, Treponen Pal, Ludwig Von 88 .

Released in 1986 on the bassplayer 's records label: Jungle Hop records (Oncle Slam, V/A Hardcore Evolution ...)

Several colors for this artwork : rose, green, orange


1. Tout pour plaire
2. Charivari

1. N 1
2. Olga

1377 ONCLE SLAM "First attack" (7)

Released in 1989 - These guys out of Pau (south of France) became HATE FORCE, the first french NY HC band. They toured with Youth Of Today, Lethal Agression

Distributed by New Rose
Artwork by Mode 2 (93 NTM)


Side A

1. Intro
2. It never ends
3. Your schism
4. Hounds
5. Judge
6. Immature

Side B

1. The fall
2. Smash em down
3. Kick your butt
4. Seek the light
5. Face the facts


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